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Vyplňte zdarma krátký online test, díky kterému zjistíme vaši jazykovou úroveň. Výsledky se dozvíte ihned po jeho dokončení.

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Test je krátký, nezabere vám víc než 15 minut.

1. My father ..... 36 years old.

2. You ..... know my mother.

3. ..... you know what time it is?

4. What is Jane doing right now? Jane ..... coffee with her colleagues.

5. ..... you like an apple?

6. What's your surname? .....

7. Susan ..... drive a car.

1. ..... they often visit him?

2. They're away on business. They ..... come to our meeting?

3. ..... they visit you yesterday?

4. They ..... away last week.

5. They ..... the play last week.

6. Where ..... he like to spend next weekend?

7. Did they arrive ..... Friday or Satrurday?

1. Jane is celebrating her birthday tomorrow.I ..... buy her something this afternoon.

2. She ..... at the station on Monday afternoon.

3. He ..... me some money, so I could buy a cup of coffee.

4. How often ..... your father have to travel abroad.

5. We started the project .....

6. You ..... do that. It's really dangerous.

7. Here is your pizza, madam. .....

1. We ..... on the seats, when he got into the train.

2. I ..... his parents a few times.

3. What ..... since we last met.

4. She ..... help you if you ask her.

5. His relatives advised ..... to the university.

6. Don't ..... the letter, it's really important.

7. What would you do if he ..... you to marry him?

1. She ..... him before she moved here.

2. She wanted to know if you really ..... she could make such a mistake.

3. Well, if your grandfather hadn't travelled to America, he would ..... your grandmother.

4. We ..... uniforms when we were at school.

5. He stopped ..... at the map and turned left.

6. Friends and relations gathered ..... as the sick man told his story.

7. Don't invite John to dinner! I can't stand his bad .....

1. Let's go for a long walk, ..... we?

2. I disapprove ..... people smoking in public places.

3. She found it hard to ..... up to the fact that she'd never be famous.

4. I'm tired of my neighbours ..... records at full volume at night.

5. ..... many times I tell him, he always forgets to do it!

6. I often miss the bus because my watch is ..... .

7. There was no ..... in waiting longer than five minutes so we left.

1. You ..... him, he was standing right in front of you!

2. He's unemployed at the moment. He was ..... . There were too many workers and the company was losing money.

3. It's ..... our government did something about unemployment.

4. You ..... in this mess if you had listened to my advice.

5. My ..... originally came from Ireland.

6. Is there any ..... asking him? He never has anything useful to say.

7. ..... accommodation is concerned, there are only two options...

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