Jaká úroveň je ta Vaše?

Vyplňte zdarma krátký online test, díky kterému zjistíme Vaši jazykovou úroveň. Výsledky se dozvíte ihned po jeho dokončení.

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Test je krátký, zabere Vám max. 5 - 10 minut.

1. His friends ..... in the restaurant.

2. My mother ..... know my girlfriend.

3. Where ..... you come from?

4. Where is Jane now? She ..... tennis.

5. What ..... you like to eat?

6. When do you usually get up? .....

7. Jane ..... play tennis.

1. ..... have a new car?

2. Manchester United is a great football team, but they ..... win the Champions League.

3. ..... you do your last English homework?

4. Where ..... you yesterday?

5. They ..... at about 10 o'clock in the evening.

6. Where ..... he like to spend next weekend?

7. We last saw her ..... .

1. Jane is celebrating her birthday tomorrow.I ..... buy her something this afternoon.

2. They ..... the project on Friday.

3. He ..... his keys yesterday.

4. When ..... to visit your teacher?

5. He finally solve the problem .....

6. Tina looks really tired. She ..... a rest.

7. Thank you, the chicken was really delicious. And please,can you prepare my ..... now?

1. What ..... when she called?

2. I ..... the movie twenty times.

3. What ..... since we last met.

4. We ..... go out in the afternoon if the weather stays.

5. His relatives advised ..... to the university.

6. They're coming next week. We're really ..... to seeing them.

7. What would you do if you ..... the job?

1. Before he was eighteen, his parents ..... let him borrow the car.

2. They asked us whether we ..... sightseeing the day before.

3. If she had known him better, she wouldn't ..... that night.

4. Summers ..... as hot as they are now.

5. It was very nice ..... to you again, Jessie.

6. We still live in our house, the move has fallen .....

7. She ..... him of wanting to marry her for her money.

1. Let's go for a long walk, ..... we?

2. I disapprove ..... people smoking in public places.

3. She found it hard to ..... up to the fact that she'd never be famous.

4. I'm tired of my neighbours ..... records at full volume at night.

5. ..... many times I tell him, he always forgets to do it!

6. I often miss the bus because my watch is ..... .

7. There was no ..... in waiting longer than five minutes so we left.

1. You ..... him, he was standing right in front of you!

2. He's unemployed at the moment. He was ..... . There were too many workers and the company was losing money.

3. It's ..... our government did something about unemployment.

4. You ..... in this mess if you had listened to my advice.

5. My ..... originally came from Ireland.

6. Is there any ..... asking him? He never has anything useful to say.

7. ..... accommodation is concerned, there are only two options...

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